5 tips for rocking revealing clothing

By Chinonso Ihekire 

Natural hair is great. Body-fitting dresses are awesome, sometimes. The cross-cultural wigs and weave too are not bad. However, the style of wearing revealing clothing is emerging popular. There are some who get the right ideas for it and rock the covers of Vogue, Time, et cetera, or get it wrong and end up looking like a gypsy on the streets. However, there are still the issues that your tenure fails to recognize theatre productions.

5 key steps in wearing revealing clothing, in a very artistic manner includes.

  1. Wear see-through.

Source: Maxivive/Instagram

If you ask me, the best form of exposure is the one that’s blur. That might sound like a sin in Photography, but in fashion it is not. In fact, the saying: the less you see, the more you look and vice versa, goes down with this reality. See through like shirts, blouses, crop tops, netted skirts or gowns, or shorts, have a psychological effect of leaving the beholder imagining more than is revealed. It’s a stronger eye turner than full skin exposure, and definitely a stronger eye-gluer.

2. Go for the Synecdoche


Source: Maxivive/Instagram 

Yeah! Kanye West, Badgirl Riri and a host of other fashion influencers are renowned for wearing very revealing outfits, especially ripped clothing. Now, the ripped clothing enigma works like a powerful chemical reaction when you apply the principle of the part represents the whole, a.k.a. Synecdoche. A slight rip on the thigh and knee, a rip on the arm, slight opening of cleavage, or back, or middle body, wherever that’s best comfortable can serve as the point of entry, without having to over-dramatize and expose multiple parts. This works too, for certain personality types. However, the Synecdoche stands out as elegant and definitely and eye-gluer.

3. PLAY with colours


Source: Tufafifashion/Instagram

What is life without colour? What is fashion without a mesh of different radiant colours? It means wherever you go, whatever you wear, apply a little colour like your ‘fashion make-up’ and watch how the colours dance spritely. So, revealing a little, plus a little colour, on any skin colour or body shape, definitely sends happy vibes down the eye paths of the beholder.

4. Balance the amount of skin exposure


Source: Saymariahcollection/Instagram



Balance is very important. In as much as you’d rock your vintage ripped shirt, or your Yeezus sweatshirt with multiple ripped holes, or even a ripped dinner gown (I’d like to see that one more often), you need to balance the amount of skin exposure. Your arm can’t be too exposed and your lower body all covered up. Your outfit might seem torn and raggedy, instead of ripped. It’s best to have two or three ripped parts, and if it’s just a slight slit on your knee line, the outfit has to portray a feeling of completeness, that is, you don’t go thinking that a piece of your outfit was not manufactured or something. Balance!

5. Be comfortable to wear it


Source: Maxivive/Instagram

ALWAYS FEEL COMFORTABLE in whatever you do and wear. Confidence itself is an outfit. You deserve to be adorned with comfort whenever you dress up. So, if revealing cleavage or your lower back or your chest, will keep you insecure all day, it’s best to flip the script and go revealing nothing, well except beauty of course. Ha-ha! It’s also a ground norm for you to ensure your outfit is clean. Nothing puts you off more than a dirty-looking outfit.  It’s necessary for every outfit to stay on your body as a child clings to his breastfeeding mother, tenderly and comfortably.

Bonus tip: You need to constantly practice your dress outfits. Repetition! That’s if like me, you are neo-conservative and settling down to revealing clothing (which are absolutely cool) is a much slower process for you. Try going out with ripped clothing, little by little. Sooner, you’ll get so relaxed about it. Again, always save pictures of other people in revealing clothing that you think might suit you and try those looks some time. Life is too short to not smile in your outfits! There you have it.





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