Things I should have told you

(IN an open courtyard, just after the Pearly Gates, The King of Kings sits on his Throne conversing with a son that just arrived home) 
Father: Welcome Son (stretches arms)    It’s been too long. 
Son: (Sigh) Too long indeed Father. How could you? 
F: What is wrong Son? Why is your patience depleting like the Ozone layer of our earth? You can’t even greet. 
S: Forgive me Father. But Baba mi is it fair? Ki ni mo n se? What did I do wrong? Baba, I have been touring these tortuous streets of Life for many years and yet nothing beautiful I find. Nothing. This is not what you told me I would find. (Holds hands on his head)
F: So what did you find Omo mi? Where did you spread your fishing nets that its hooks could not catch any fish?
S: Inside the waters of Nigeria. You put me there. Arable land. Great country. You told me I would find food, shelter, family and fame. Yet all I find are the opposite. Nothing, only misery and pain.
F: Ah!! But many others like you have gone and succeeded? (Turns to his palace angels) Abi, was Azikiwe not from there? Or is Dangote not currently there now? Tell me, what exactly did you do? So fun mi.
S: Father I graduated with a First class degree. I’m academically smart. I thought that was all, but alas! There are many things I needed to know which you did not tell me.

F: Go on.

S: Of pain and it’s bitter taste I have gotten used to. Of failure and it’s demoralizing sting. Of temptation and it’s captivating chains. Of focus and it’s solid yet fragile state. Of passion and it’s confusing aura. Of Lagos, and even its notorious hardships. Ah I cried!
F: You see. I know that this life is hard. Do you forget I was once there? Whatever you face, I have seen it’s face. But the beauty of labor and the lessons of pain cannot be erased from the mind who has gone through them. You need to carry this cross alone. It is only then you would be strong enough to unlock the Iron doors of wealth, power and prestige as you so desire. One more thing I should have told you is no one can tell you how to live your life. I will help you live it wisely, but it’s still your choice to be wise. One advice: Chase love, Live happily, for you can’t live your life twice.  Don’t forget no one knows tomorrow, except I who holds tomorrow. Oya! Pada wa!! (Go back!)
S: Ahhh!! To Lagos again? Please United States, or Canada. Anywhere, but Lagos.
F: Better go now before I take you to Korea. Your time is running. What you know are the things that I should have told you. Are the things you need to know, to grow. O dabo! Till we see soon.


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