In about five years

Dear future me, 

I hope this is reaching you now by 2023. I can only imagine the state of life you are in rn. The political clime and Nigeria’s myriad of prospects and problems. Anyways, this is something I’m writing from five years ago. I know you’d be interested in this.  
As I begun to write this, that your favourite 2007 hit single from Asa, No One Knows Tomorrow, hit me. 

“…Tomorrow is your opportunity to fail

  Or be successful if you wish to

   Tomorrow, Tomorrow Oh Oh…” 

You’d remember how when as a kid, you’d spend time with Chibueze, your elder brother, fantasizing about a future filled with luxury mansions that were fit to be even called “smart homes” (they were not even trendy then), and how both of you would fill your bellies with ripe sweet dreams and hope that someday you give birth to them in reality.

Wherever you are at this point, reading this, just remember: No one knows tomorrow, but you can know the one who knows tomorrow, and ‘no matter how long it’ll take, never worry for with God no dream is wasted.’ At this point know that I believe in you, and wherever you are now keep believing in you. 

In the next five years I’m not hoping that I’d be the biggest communication professional with two degrees in the same field and from prestigious schools, or a world renowned musician with several record awards, or even an AMVCA award winning actor and movie maker or even a wealthy politician climbing the rocks of politics in the executive arm of government. No, I don’t want to be all that and even more. 

I don’t want to be successful, if my success is only for myself or for my immediate friends/family’s benefit. I don’t want to eat from the national cake, if I can’t help to bake larger ones that can feed the less privileged ones that have mouths too like me. I don’t want success, if it is going to be a birthmark of selfishness. No! I want a life where I can share my life, every minute of my life; where I can show love to others and receive love likewise; where Wetin I gain dey pay pass moni. A life of love, of peace, and of happiness. A life of true success. 

I want to share my art with every ounce of blood in my veins to help society be a better place. 

In about five years from now, I want to read this piece and be glad I ever wrote it. 

Look future me, It doesn’t matter where you are now, just keep the dream afloat and keep walking with God, afterall you know say you no fit miss road with am. 
In about five years, please write another letter to your future self. He’d be waiting to receive it. 

Yourself, fiveYearsYounger.


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