“A couplet before I start 

To take you down this dreary path:

“It is better to build than to break

will do whatever the heart says.”

SURVIVORS guilt. Some blood has been spilled. Yes! Secrets. Secrets. Who heard? Who revealed? Many left with a zeal; Many others with returned without a meal. Still, the homes are all Ill. The reality is real: the country is broken, but the future can be birthed from only ONE ovary. 

West. East. North. South. All do you best, if you please. By all means, feed hungry mouths. For we still sell our votes, and along with it our wisdom. After all, all must chop Shebi na turn by turn?  Igbo. Yoruba. Northerner. Middle belt. South-South. All the zones. This country is not a food serving home. The pot is strong, and the stew is sweet. But once it breaks, then the children would weep. 

God. Allah. Esu. Science. I don’t believe all; I mind my business. Let the ignorant die in silence. At the ‘last day’ we shall open our souls to see for themselves. We shall know whether to kill was to love, and to discriminate was to be clean, and whether unity worshipped a particular God, or whether God has a type he would save: Christian. Moslem. Traditionalist. Free minded? I too cannot say. 

Ego. Owo. Kudi. Give me a bank account and let me sell my brother for it to be filled. And if you’re not pleased,  I’d trade you mine. After all the new anthem: Wetin We Gain, if we live and spend all our time without gaining that luxury we dreamed of from age nine. 

Murder. Steal. Anything for a meal. Denounce your family for a mil, if you will. Break anything, any law, any code, anything to get you that dream home. Break society and its bones. Sell its body for 30 silver pieces and leave nothing left except its pieces. 

Death. Sleep. Suffering. Time. All a man must take many a time, except one. The one that he takes only once. It reaps. It rips. Osama Bin Laden. Dele Giwa. What do we have when we leave to give back? Like Wizkid, Fever? Sexual Perversion? Tiwa? What would our lives mean at the end, if we didn’t leave anything on the plate, but left it to break? 


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