KEJI walked briskly through the food traders in Boundary market. She hurried to buy the vegetables for Lami’s dinner tonight. She had told the driver to keep the engine running, and with it her desire. Tonight would be special, she thought to herself. He would finally forgive her after everything. Egusi and Pounded yam always did the trick, his mother had told her. 


“Good morning baby. Rise and shine,” She hummed her favourite song, Davido’s Assurance, as she dropped the ash coloured tray carrying some bread toast, scrambled eggs and a cup of coffee on his laps. 

He looked at the tray and cried out in surprise,”Baby you shouldn’t have. ”

“Anything for my baby boo.” She pecked him on the cheek and slumped into the bed. 

“Oh, you’re just the best.” He ate rapidly, and as he ate, she started again:”Baby, I’m really remorseful. Please find it in your good heart to forgive me. I won’t ever let it happen again.” 

He kissed her and held her two hands firmly. “I have already forgotten it b. I trust you and I know this was the last time.” 


“Keji! Keji!!’ He yelled angrily. 

” Pele Oko mi, shey ko si?” She rushed out of her room that sunny Saturday afternoon, panicking. 

“How could you?”

“What are you talking about?”

He showed her her phone screen, and as she saw the pictures she bit her lip in regret. She had forgot to lock her phone, forgetting she told him her password after the last time. 

“Baby I didn’t really mean to. I am so sorry,” she knelt down, crying. 

“Shut up! You lying slut! How could you? What does this Muyideen guy have that I haven’t given you? Oh! is it because he is an athlete? Is that it? Is that why he should be seeing my wife’s naked pictures? Is that it?! Answer me, You slut!

” I trusted you, but now I know I was wrong.” He left the house, in anger, to his only source of solace since she started her cheating escapades. 


“Hello” he sounded calm now on the phone. 

“Baby where are you?” Keji asked, tensed. 

“Nevermind,” his teary eyes flushed red as he spoke. “I can’t do this anymore. I’m done.” He heard her crying as he hung up the call, but he didn’t care again. He just couldn’t suffer it anymore.

He took the one kilo sack of cannabis from his pouch. Nobody ever knew he carried it there. The purple thing looked as innocent as the staunch Christian carrier. But even Christians too face trouble, he thought. At least drugs was better than cheating. He looked his watch and then downed the greenish liquid in one sweep. 


“Hello?” The voice of the caller sounded tense. 

“Yes, who’s this?” Keji replied, curiously. 

“Is this the wife of Mr. Lima Okereke?”

 “Yes that’s me,” she sounded scared. 

“You need to rush down to Lagos University Teaching Hospital. Your husband has just been rushed here by some people who found him unconscious at a bar. You need to come quickly.”

“Oh my Gosh,” she couldn’t think straight,”Okay ermm. Who are you? what’s your name?”

“I’m Nurse Abigail. You need to hurry.” The call dropped. 

She ransacked her hair first, then her bag looking for her keys as she rushed outside. “Oh Lord please save him.” A tear rolled down her eyes.  


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